Market Trimmed Brisket 8-10lbs $3.49lb

Boneless Beef Ribs $3.49lb

Choice Boneless Beef NY Strip Steaks $5.99lb

USDA Choice NY Strip Steaks $6.99lb

Praseks Fresh Country Link Sausage $2.99lb

Extreme Lean Ground Beef 97% Fat Free $5.99

Bacon Wrapped Jal Cream Cheese or Chicken $.69 each

Bone In Country Style Ribs $1.79lb

Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs $1.99lb

Seasoned Chicken Breast BBQ, Lemon Pepper or Hawaiian $2.99lb

V & V Sausage Reg. Or Jal $3.40 Each.

Check with the counter for expiration dates